LetsPool! is a patent pending service created by several programmers who wanted to find a better way to purchase items that were not available locally. One of the team members wanted to buy a GPS unit for a car which was not offered by any distributor in the US. Buying one unit from Germany was a very costly proposition due to shipping charges. Therefore, he tried to gather enough friends to pool together and buy the unit and after waiting for 6 months to gather enough folks (which seemed like an eternity) he thought there had to be a better way. Other team members wanted to buy a special Rubik’s cube which was only offered in China. He suffered a similar ordeal, and thought there had to be a better way as well.

That’s why we created LetsPool!

Not only is this a new website where people can get together and buy things, but also we are a pioneer in the concept of micro-distribution—a concept where anyone can become a distributor for products and services from anywhere in the world.

We believe that our website and platform will revolutionize micro-commerce and allow anyone to fulfill demand for products and services. Whether or not a product is available locally will no longer matter, or if a service is too expensive for one person to pay for, LetsPool! will help keep costs low.

In the next few weeks and months, we would like any and all feedback on how to improve the site. Give us your feedback and we’ll put it on your peg board and track its development.

LetsPool! is funded by wealthy individuals and benefactors (millionaires and billionaires). Investments may be considered on a case by case basis.

From US, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Germany, UK, France, India, Brazil and many other countries in the world offering wonderful products, thank you for visiting this site and for helping us to make LetsPool! a truly global platform for buyers and sellers.