Pooling and Linking How To:

Using the LetsPool! crowd-sourcing API on your website is easy. We have several ways for you to link your website to our site.

1. Add the group-buying Dashboard into your website:

If you are a vBulletin forum owner and would like to add the LetsPool! peer-to-peer group buying℠ dashboard and api into your forum, you can easily do so.

  • Increase forum ‘stickiness’
  • Drive repeat traffic
  • Earn up to 1% affiliate commission

View Demo Here

Contact us regarding API integration.

2. Add a standard “Pool It!” Button on your Website

If you find a pool you like, you can add it to your website by selecting the “Add this pool to your site” button below the green “Dive In” button on the View Pool page.

Then, copy the HTML code and paste the code into your site where you’d like it to appear.

3. Add a custom “Pool It!” Button on your Website

Enter pool ID number:

Select Pool It counter location:
pool it
pool it
pool it
pool it

Copy the HTML code below, then past the code into your site where you’d like it to appear.

The button will link to a pool with the item number on LetsPool!

For best results, place the button near an image, or a “buy” button on your website

You can have as many Pool It buttons on a page or on a website as you like!


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LetsPool! for iPhone and Android

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