Buyer Protection – Abusive Poolee Policy

Our abusive poolee policy lays out unacceptable buying behavior.
Poolees may not misuse feedback, returns, buyer protection programs, or payment dispute processes. Our full policy below outlines LetsPool’s expectations for poolee behavior.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report abusive behavior?

You can report a user to us by clicking on in the user’s profile.

What should I do if I think a poolee is making an unreasonable demand?

You’re not required to agree to any extras or changes from the terms of your listing. If a poolee is making demands that are not a part of your original listing, you will be protected from negative feedback and defects when you either deliver the item purchased by the buyer according to the original terms of your listing, or cancel the transaction.
To help us identify poolees who are engaging in unacceptable buying behaviors, please report the abusive behavior.
We encourage you to communicate politely and professionally with the poolee.