Welcome Poolers and Poolees!

You may have heard several words used in a unique way to describe LetsPool! on forums, or from friends. The purpose of this brief glossary is to introduce several words and phrases that we use so you don’t feel left out of our conversation.

Dive In

-verb 1. The act of joining a pool.


-verb 1. The act of more people joining a pool after it has popped.


-noun 1. A group of people who agree to collectively purchase goods or services.
-verb 2. The act of gathering a group of people for the purpose of a common goal.


-noun 1. A person who is a member of a pool.


-noun 1. A person who is an organizer of a pool.


-noun 1. A pool which has been created by a Pooler but does not yet have any Poolees.


-verb 1. The successful result of a pool achieving a specified number of Poolees.