Budgeting Yoga Classes For The Modern-Day Yuppie

By | August 31, 2022


Are you having trouble budgeting yoga classes?

“I love yoga so much but I literally cannot afford to pay the monthly prices studios around here charge. This is such a shame because I feel the benefits of yoga should be available to anyone and everyone.”

That’s from a real conversation on Reddit a few months ago. To be fair, it definitely doesn’t take into account the hard work yoga instructors have to go through to provide training to a community. But of course when it comes to doing things on a budget, that’s kind of our area of expertise.

4 tips for budgeting yoga classes

Truth be told, sometimes yoga is expensive. If you want a private lesson, yoga can get up to about $150 per hour. Some instructors charge a dollar per minute for an individual session. If you’re passionate about yoga but keep opening an empty wallet when it’s time for budgeting yoga classes, here are 4 ideas that may help out.

(1) Rethink what accessories you need: Several yoga students shoot themselves in the foot (or rather in the wallet) just picking out yoga wear. You don’t have to sport Lululemon to achieve your yoga goals. Try Forever 21 where you’ll find much more affordable quality. You could even source a vendor in your area and organize a group buy with fellow yoga students.

(2) Become a karmi: Being a karmi means working in exchange for free yoga classes. Your duties may include checking in yoga students, cleaning yoga mats, and keeping the studio spic and span. The upside is you’ll meet lots of yoga students and gain experience. There are lots of ways to contribute to the power of the group that don’t involve money. Karma.

(3) Group-buy private lessons: Yoga is a practice that is accessible to everyone for nothing. But if you want an instructor’s time, preparation, attention and energy to assist you in your journey — they need a place to live and food to eat in order to give it to you! So (with playful tongue in cheek to the quote at the beginning of this article), help your community instructors out and assist them in organizing private — but pooled — sessions. The simplest way to do this is to organize a group buy.

(4) Prioritize your spending: I had a good chuckle reading Sarah Weaver’s 8 Replies For When People Say Yoga Is Too Expensive. It really all comes down to prioritizing spending in your life. Think of all the other things you splurge on. Is budgeting yoga classes near the top or bottom of your shopping list? You may not be able to “have it all”. But we believe that you can and should at least have what’s most important to you.

Does budgeting yoga classes look a little easier?

Good ideas amount to nothing if they’re not implemented. To start making a difference in the way you live (especially with 2016 around the corner), try a different approach to your spending.

Get in touch with us if you’re interested in a group buying solution for budgeting yoga classes. Actually, download our free Guide to Group Buying and get our special Pool Party coupons to help you put together group-bought yoga sessions in your community!

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